John C Sbicca

Hello, My Name Is John C Sbicca, Currently I Am An American Businessman, Entrepreneuer, Family Man, Man Of Faith, Aspiring Author & Philanthropist

John C Sbicca is an American Businessman, Entrepreneur, Family Man, Man of Faith, and (Aspiring Author and Philanthropist). He is President and CEO of The Sbicca Organization, LLC. as well as Sbicca WebDirect, LLC. John C Sbicca lives the American Dream by having been self employed for 33 years. JC another name he goes by has helped 10's of thousands of people thru a variety of online educational programs realize their dreams and financial goals. On one of the latest educational programs that JC put together consumers received FREE education and a FREE Money Making Website!

JC is in his 18th year of marketing online. His first major online asset that he set up in 2004 was the first and largest Business Opportunity Authority website called The online world has changed considerably since he set up Programcritique and as such has just let ProgramCritique go the way of the dinosaur, and in its place will be launching an "Entrepreneuer Authority Site."

John is currently working on three books "The Internet's Richest 1%" , "The MasterMInd Manifesto", and "How To Hit A Grandslam In Direct Response Online" , All three of these books emanate from the extensive internet marketing experience that John possesses. "The Internets Richest 1%", delves into what successful internet marketers must do to be in the top 1%. "The MasterMind Manifesto", delves into the benefits of being part of or sponsoring "MasterMind Groups". The "How To Hit A Grandslam In Direct Response Online" delves into the exact strategy and competencies that must be mastered to become an online Multi-Millionnaire.

Currently, JC is perfecting and mastering his direct response company "Sbicca WebDirect, LLC." by mastering the following 11 core competencies: 1) Building The Correct Business Structure to Optimize Revenue, 2) Building A Simple, Attainable And Highly Focused Business Plan, 3) Developing A Detailed Capitalization Plan, 4) Market And Competitive Research, 5) Optimized Sales Funnels, 6) The Correct And Optimized CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software), 7) Optimizing Customer Support That Provides An Excellent Customer Experience, 8) Developing Profitable Traffic, 9) Developing A Merchant Processing Portfolio That Allows For Maximum Uninterrupted Growth, 10) Developing An Excellent Customer Experience Thru Optimized Fulfillment, 11) Optimized Monetization Of All Customers And Prospects.

In addition to perfecting and mastering the above 11 core competencies, the following 8 supporting competencies must be perfected and mastered as well: 1) Hiring And Using Highly Skilled Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, 2) Scaling Your Business, 3) Innovative Leadership, (Where Innovative Leadership, according to Dr. Warren Bennis Author Of "On Becomming A Leader", one must master the following 6 competencies: Master The Context, Knowing Yourself, Creating A Powerful Vision, Communicating With Meaning,  Maintaining Trust With Integrity, Realizing Intentions Thru Action. 4) Ongoing Education, 5) Networking, 6) Participating or Leading MasterMind Groups, 7) P.I.T.A., which stands for: Privacy, International Investments, Tax Advantages, Asset Protection. Where Asset Protection is the accumulation, preservation and distribution of your assets with favorable tax treatment., 8) Wealth Development. where Wealth Development means achieving true financial independence. You are now making considerably more unearned income then you need to live your life on your terms. Do what you want, when you want, with who you want for as long as you want.

John C Sbicca also has laid out the plan of action to buy numerous good online businesses over the next 15 years and make them great by optimizing these businesses to further enhance the economy by improving the bottom-line and the tax base. Having spent the last 18 years mastering many aspects of Internet Marketing is why he has chosen this industry to buy ongoing good internet businesses and make them great. This has been a childhood dream for JC to build such a sizeable worldly wealth that at 70 years old John will be able to spend the rest of his life in philanthropy, charitable work, and living out his beliefs by word and deed.

John C Sbicca recently has decided to follow in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps and invest in commercial real estate. Although John has invested in SFD over the years he has decided to invest in apartments buildings over the next 15 years as well. Given the development of the investor base for going into internet based businesses with John, coupled with his love and respect for the Sbicca families philosophy of putting profits into real estate he now has an option for the investors that he is working with to go into one of the apartment investments instead of the internet based business investments. The acquisition methods that are being employed are based upon the criteria that have made numerous individuals very successful. John had a real estate brokers license in his 20's and sold a number of commercial properties and since then has not only invested in SFD but has developed and marketed several Real Estate Investment courses as well.

John first and foremost is a family man having been married now for 34 years. John and Janice (his lovely bride) have raised four incredible boys; Joshua, Jacob, Jesse and Joseph who are now adult men. JC and his wife Janice raised these boys with a very active and productive life including home schooling, putting them thru college, sports, church and so much more. John's first granddaughter Bianca, Jacobs's daughter, brings tremendous joy to John and Janice because of how engaging and loving this child is. Yet another reflection on how important family is to John. Another reflection on John's deep commitment to family and helping others was the taking on of his mother in law Charlotte, who had dementia, and having along with his wife taken care of her over an 8 year period.

John C Sbicca' upbringing was characterized by a very strong family and business life. The Sbicca household headed by his father Frank, who is one of John's heroes, was the leading designer of Sbicca of California for many years. Sbicca of California was started by Johns grandfather Frank in 1922 as a women's brand of shoes. John's father was extremely successful in business so John having been raised by a marketing genius acquired a marketing skill set that money just can't buy nor can college instill. John C Sbicca' father used to have a sign above his chair at the factory that said, "There are three types of people in this world: 1) Those who make things happen, 2) Those who watch things happen and 3) Those that wondered what happened." John has followed in his father's footsteps and modeled after the #1 option above. JC was not only raised in a very successful business environment but by a loving mother, father, 5 siblings that made being a child a top notch experience. John's father celebrated life and was always entertaining people and developing many friends. John's father always said to him, "People Are Important". John has carried these simple yet powerful ideas in his actions thru ought his life.

That summarizes what is important to John C Sbicca and why faith, family, friends and business are so important to him and has been the entire focus of his life. If you get the opportunity to meet and or get to know this man you will enjoy a very engaging experience.  

John C Sbicca's Background

John C Sbicca's Experience

President & CEO at Sbicca WebDirect, LLC

January 2010 - Present | Carlsbad, California

My work consists of the following key activities: 1) Idea engineering new internet startups and bringing them to fruition profitably. 2) "Innovatively Managing" our "Direct Response" business by managing/perfecting the above referenced competencies. We are currently in the "Health And Beauty Market". 3) Overseeing the acquisition thru "Sbicca Web Acquisitions" pure good internet based businesses and making them great. ("E-Commerce" and supporting "Media/Authroity" sites 4) Thru "Sbicca Global Media" overseeing the growth of ProgramCritique into a much more vibrant activity that is socially conscientious and more importantly productive to the business community. Also, the development and ongoing management of other online "Media/Authority Sites" in various niches is being implemented. The development and growing "The Sbicca Post" as an extremely interactive curation blog (online newspaper) that is engaging the worldwide public in a number of key issues that need to be discussed is also being implemented. An online platform is the most productive way to do so. 6) Overseeing thru "Sbicca E-Commerce" the development of and ongoing management, growth of numerous niche "E-Commerce Sites". 7) Overseeing the implementation and development of "http://LovingCareOfMomAndDad.Com (http://LovingCareOfMomAndDad.Com)" as the premier Authority go to site for those children who are taking on the responsibility of taking care of there parents. 8) Developing a site that deals with Parental Alienation, by providing help to protect and heal the children and family relationships that are devastated by the Alienating Parent.

President & CEO at The Sbicca Organization, LLC.

September 2000 - Present | Carlsbad, California

My work consists of the following key activities: 1) Innovatively Managing the growth of "Sbicca Web Direct, LLC." 1) Acquiring thru "Sbicca Properties" apartment buildings.

John C Sbicca's Education

University Of San Diego


Concentration: Business Administration & Marketing

John C Sbicca's Interests & Activities

Family Activities, Activities With Friends, Exercise, Skiing, Hiking, Spending Time At The Beach, Church Activities And Lastly But Most Importantly Running His Businesses.